~Acting, Modeling, Music, Fire Dancing, Stunts, Fitness, and Voice Over extraordinaire~ 


🔥Just your average ordinary goof-ball-boss-bitch trying to make a difference!!💗 


Staying Busy in Quarantine

Filming all new episodes of award winning series "Oh Joy"-quarantine style!

~Skincare company collab~

Ilsa creates a calming yoga video for LATHER Skincare viewers 

Doing daily online fitness and yoga instruction videos


Covid Rap Song 

Fresh On the Scene

Ilsa co-produced, wrote, shot, and starred in a new series called BROKERZ.  

An action packed series about a gangster outlaw couple in the ganja industry who have a bad run in with a crime boss who happens to also be an enlightened buddha.  Leading them to take a deeper look at themselves and the path they are leading.

First Music Video

Featured as character Franki from BROKERZ

Booking Things

~Space Jam 2 Promo~

~ESPN Buzzer~

~Thick As Thieves~ 

*Cast as Nikki, a hot-rod racing female assassin*

~Oh Joy~

Voted Best short series at Hyper Wave Film Awards and Best Comedy at LA Diversity Film Fest

*Cast as main characters bestie, Chelsea*

~Book of Legends~

*Amazonian, combat fighting, spear throwing, warrioress*

~Weiner schnitzel!!~

~Guest star on CBS~  
~The Tattooed Heart~
*Youth inmate*

~The Bold and the Beautiful~

           *Fashion Buyer*

Media Host

~Prompt TV~

Activism Through MEDIA

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